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Baska Voda

Baska Voda

Makarska Riviera includes a beautiful part of the southern Adriatic coast. This part of the coast hides many tourist destinations for decades recognized by tourists, but in recent times and domestic guests.

Baska Voda is a place at the foot of the slopes of Biokovo, which is known for its beautiful beaches, good food and lively nightlife. In the city center there is an interesting monument dedicated to women who once washed their clothes on sources known as Source Baska Voda. The Church of St. Nicholas is another location that is not bypassed, built in neo-Romanesque style 1889.

The beaches are equipped with showers, toilets and changing rooms.

We are proud to say that our beaches are equipped for people with disabilities. A little further from the center of town, about 500 meters there is a beach for dogs. Above the beach is a promenade by which they can come to Brela and Promajna. It is good that the promenade has numerous restaurants, caffe bars andit gives a feeling of lovely and warm atmosphere.
In the city center there are several shops, a bakery and market so you will not have problems with finding groceries.

In addition, in the center there is Tourist Office with useful information. Not far from Tourist Office are located and ATMs if you decide to take other trip or dinner.

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